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Fast and easy rigging, and they work great. I learned you will want to add a wire trace to the front of them the hard way. Just ordered another kit to be on the safe side. Once you use them, you won't want to be without.
Date of Posting: 23 June 2016
Posted By: Randy Taylor
Captain Andrew Tipler On Better Bait Systems

The Better Bait System is the hottest new tool in the offshore angler’s arsenal. This system allows you to rig perfect swimming Ballyhoo in under 45 seconds. Better Bait Systems Quick Rigs are made in lipped, for deeper swimming baits and un-lipped for a gentle swimming action. Quick Rigs are available in both standard for medium Ballyhoo, and large for select horse Ballyhoo. The rigs are designed with the ideal length of wire to prevent cut-offs from toothy fish without deterring leader shy fish from biting. Set your rig up with a lure in front for even more visibility. Better Bait Systems also has dredges, individual heads, Sword Fish heads and a complete tournament kit for rigging all types of baits, from mullet to flying fish.
Date of Posting: 19 July 2013
Posted By: Captain Andrew Tipler
Last Cast Charters, Cudjoe Gardens Marina & Dolphin Marina

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